Electronic Health Records

Your practice and workflow are unique to you. QMMS USA is here to assist with the development of full-scale EHR project plans for the rollout of new platforms and versions. Each EHR implementation plan is customized to your unique business needs and the changing needs of the healthcare market. QMMS USA advisors offer valuable insight into the features and tools companies expect of their EHR software. We are here to guide healthcare practices from EHR development to launch. Our expertise is in software project design and consulting to assist organizations in developing a rollout plan. Our team of EHR consultants gets to know your individual practice, and then helps to optimize your EHR to work for you. QMMS USA provides EHR optimization support over the long term. Partnering with QMMS USA to improve your EHR will establish a long-term management solution for your practice or organization. We’ve spent two decades working with physicians to help improve patient care, administrative efficiency, sustainable profitability, and regulatory compliance. As a partner in optimizing the EHR for your practice, QMMS USA provides a unique benefit of applying a seasoned medical point-of-view to a complex technology project.